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IT Break-Fix Services in Boerne

More often than not, small business don't have a dedicated IT department, nor do they need it. That is, until something breaks. Even if your company employs an in-house IT department, they may not have the time or possess the knowledge to fix a certain issue or piece of hardware. 

Complete Computer Solutions of Boerne offers an additional arm of our IT support solutions called Break/Fix, which is a fee-for-service method of providing information technology services to businesses. This means companies get access to the IT service and support and they need and only pay for what they need.  


Break/Fix Services Available:

  • Computer Sales and Service

  • Managed Services

  • Monitoring

  • Backup on Premise and Cloud

  • Malware Prevention

  • Computer Trouble Shooting

  • Computer Repair

  • Ethernet Cabling

  • Office 365 Consulting

  • SharePoint Consulting

  • Data Recovery

  • Networking

  • Cloud-Based Storage

  • Business and Residential Network Monitoring

  • Break Fix Repairs

  • Virus Malware and Spyware Removal

  • New Laptop or PC Setup

  • Backup and Restore or Transfer of Data

  • System Updates

  • Software Removal

  • De-fragmentation of Hard Drive

  • Firewall Installation Configuration

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