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Residential and Home-Based Business IT Support in Boerne

Why is my computer so slow?

Why does my computer keep crashing?

How do I know if i have a computer virus?

How do I setup a local area network? 

How do I setup my wireless router password?

If you find yourself frustrated over these issues with your PC, we can help! 

Considering that even our homes today are run by technology, Complete Computer Solutions of Boerne recognizes that typical homeowners may have a need for professional IT tech support. Oftentimes, solving simple computer tasks are a mystery to the average PC owner. We can save you time from hours spent "Googling" a fix or wondering if a free malware removal tool is actually a virus in disguise. 


Clients with Complete Computer Solutions of Boerne include retired seniors and home-base businesses and services range from LAN Local Area Network setup to data backup strategy to configuring an easy-to-remember Wi-Fi password on your router. No job is too simple or complex. 



Convenient In-Home / Onsite Visit

Computer Tune-up

Data Back-up or Transfer

New Computer Setup

Virus Removal & Cleanup

Software Install or Uninstall

PC Movers / System Migration

Printer Setup

Email or Online Account Setup or Support

Computer Training

OS (Operating System) Install or Re-install

Printer Troubleshooting or Repair

Computer Hard Drive Reset

Software Troubleshooting

Network Troubleshooting

Wiring Closet Cleanup

PC Cleaning



WiFi and Network Connectivity Support
New WiFi Connection Setup
WiFi Signal Extension
LAN (Local Area Network) Setup & Installation
Router Assistance

Gear Wheel


We can set up your products, help you use them, and diagnose any issues.




Smart Phones


Smart homes

Portable Audio


Update Software

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