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Managed IT Services for Boerne Businesses

An investment in technology is an investment in business growth. 


Our clients who invest in IT Managed Services with Complete Computer Solutions of Boerne, they experience increased innovation and business productivity because they never have to think about technology – it simply works for them in the background to support their daily operating needs. With our support, this can become your new status quo.


Employing technology as a business driver is a double-edged sword. When the proper technology solutions are scoped, implemented and effectively supported, they are a business growth accelerant. However, when the opposite is the case, efficiencies and productivity erode and unexpected business interruptions disrupt the achievement of your business goals and vision.



Reduce, control and budget for technology support with our flat-fee Managed IT Services



Solve technical headaches that hamper productivity



Allow us to manage your IT infrastructure vendors. Free your time to get back to business

Whether you’re a small business outsourcing your entire IT department, or needing assistance for your in-house IT department, you can trust Complete Computer Solutions to help your business grow.

  • Get the highest level of responsiveness

  • Reduce downtime

  • Protect against security breaches

  • Eliminate the IT skills gap


Control costs, increase productivity, and secure your environment with Complete Computer Solutions of Boerne’s Managed IT Services. Supporting your IT infrastructure can be costly and unpredictable, and many businesses find themselves extinguishing fire after fire. Our Managed IT Services are a proactive solution. We can save you time and money by identifying issues with your network and IT assets before they become problems.


Businesses constantly create data in varied forms – Complete Computer Solutions of Boerne helps you develop appropriate policies for storage, sharing, protection, and retention along with the right infrastructure to support this vital asset. Our data management solutions help you maximize your storage investment, gain flexibility in provisioning and replication, monitor your assets, achieve non-disruptive growth, and count on reliable backups and archives.


Complete Computer Solutions of Boerne can help you protect your confidential business information from malicious intrusions, viruses, and hackers. Secure networks for remote users by deploying technology to control end-user’s desktops and laptops. We can help you eliminate financial loss due to network outages and assist you in creating enforceable corporate-wide security policies.  


Complete Computer Solutions of Boerne can help you design, implement, and support a powerful, but flexible IT infrastructure that supports your business goals and meets your budget. We ensure you have the computing power to drive your corporate goals: reduce waste, improve efficiency, and save money by maximizing your existing infrastructure. Allow your company to grow with solutions that scale to meet your future needs.


Develop a virtualization strategy that works for your business. Evaluate the existing computing model of your IT Infrastructure, and assess your organization’s readiness to move toward virtualization and/or cloud computing.


Design, develop, and test plans that ensure your business can continue to function after a disaster strikes. Complete Computer Solutions of Boerne works with you to develop new and/or evaluate existing plans to ensure that the strategy created will support the business processes necessary to keep your business up and running.

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